Social Media Management

Promera Sports

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Client Promera Sports
Year 2019
Role Social Media Management
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Promera Sports needed a larger social media presence and a boost in sales.

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Through organic social media efforts, paid social media ads, and influencer partnerships we were able to achieve their goals. 

Black & Gold generated and cultivated an average of 5-10 new influencer relationships each month for Promera Sports. We started the conversation, built the relationship, and got the Promera Sports brand promoted in front of thousands of users as a result of our efforts. This ultimately increased sales, increased brand exposure, and increased the brand’s social media presence. Through paid and organic social media efforts, the Promera brand reached over 100,000 individuals every month and engaged with thousands. As a result of these efforts, we also increased Promera’s website traffic each month and generated a new avenue for sales.

Promera also took advantage of our custom photography to elevate their brand on Instagram and Facebook.

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  • 5-10 influencer partnerships per month
  • Increased brand exposure and brand awareness
  • Reached over 100,000 individuals per month
  • Increased sales