Social Media Management

Promera Sports

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Client Promera Sports
Year 2019
Role Social Media Management
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In order to grow its presence and boost sales, Promera Sports needed to develop a more effective social media strategy. First, Black & Gold provided Promera Sports with custom photography packages and shoots along with a look to elevate their brand image, primarily on Instagram and Facebook. Next, we implemented organic social media efforts, which assisted Promera Sports in reaching more than 100,000 unique impressions each month, which engaged thousands of potential consumers. Finally, the most impactful tactic that our team was able to contribute was our ability to cultivate effective influencer partnerships – so that Promera Sports could be promoted by a trustworthy entity in front of thousands of potential consumers.

Promoting their brand through these social strategies not only increased their brand’s exposure and overall social media presence – it also contributed to an increase in Promera’s website traffic. This traffic, combined with the new brand awareness and consumer trust, ultimately resulted in accomplishing their main objective: to increase overall sales.

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  • 5-10 new influencer partnerships per month
  • Increased brand exposure, brand awareness and XXX new fans.
  • Average new traffic reached over 100,000 individuals per month.
  • Increased sales by 2.3X