Social Media Management/ Influencer

Karen Ballou

Client Karen Ballou
Year 2020
Role Website / Social Media
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As an entrepreneur and business owner, Karen Ballou struggled to build an established brand that is reputable and will provide her an engaged audience. 

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We assessed her challenges and grew the brand’s following on social media through organic social media efforts, engaging social media content that sparked additional engagement and interest We combined these social media strategies with custom photography to create a well-defined aesthetic and short produced video to a sense of “personal” to the brand. Lastly, we provided consulting services to push Karen to the next level. 

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  • - Created captivating social media feeds through strategic photo editing and design
  • - Created a magnetic brand that attracted her target audience
  • - Increased social media followers by an average of 500+ per month
  • - Increased social media engagement - average 2000+ engagements per month